Who We Are

Create Fam Studio is a design studio that offers collateral design and identity/brand consulting services in San Diego.

We *especially* love working with folks who value and practice critical thinking, cross-cultural collaboration, and community-building in their work.



How We Started

Designer Moe Abugan founded Create Fam Studio as a way to help build the creative-progressive landscape within the greater San Diego region. Moe has moonlighted as a collateral and print designer for nearly 10 years. Many of those projects and roles, however, were worked on a volunteer basis and without compensation. It wasn't until January 2017 that Moe felt compelled to build a home base for her creative design work. 

Originally, CFS started as a pro bono hub for creative, collaborative and educational projects. It was a beautifully lofty and ambitious vision! Ultimately, though, we live in a capitalism-driven society and money is a thing. We hope to return to this vision in the future.

Here's a fun/sad fact: our studio logo is a lightning bolt because we miss the San Diego Chargers.

Yes, seriously. We wanted to reclaim that #BoltUp emoji 😭 ⚡️





Executive Reports




Got a creative project in mind that isn't listed? We would love to hear you out! Contact us here.





10th Birthday Jam: Celebrating Our Mentors

We designed the program and event flyer for the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program's 10th anniversary event in October 2017.


Project Details:

16-page booklet (includes front and back covers)


Correspondence with event leadership

MOSAICS: They Have Never Left Us

We designed the program for the Artists Building Community Project's very first event in June 2017, co-sponsored by the San Diego Public Library Valencia Park/Malcolm X Branch.


Project Details:

12-page booklet (includes front and back covers)



THEY: A Zine For Our Past, Present & Future

We produced a zine for MOSAICS: They Have Never Left Us from project conception to completion, including assembly and distribution, in June 2017. 


Project Details:

40-page booklet (includes front and back covers)


Correspondence with contributing artists/writers

Installation set-up at event venue




Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) San Diego

We successfully rebranded a grassroots mentorship group by redesigning the website, newsletter, and overall look and vibe online. Since the revamp, KAMP has seen a significant increase in traffic to their website, including direct messages from interested volunteers and collaborators. 



Learn the Essentials

Learn the Essentials (LTE) is a natural health and wellness blog that integrates essential oils wisdom, mindfulness and behavioral knowledge. LTE is run by Rhonalyn Santos, a working graduate student based in San Diego. We consulted on LTE's direction and key stakeholders, and based on our conversations, we were able to design a new logo and website header.



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